The Worst President Ever?

As we approach the end of the Obama administration we can look forward to several things. First of all, there will be people who think the president will sign some bizarre Executive Order to stay in the White House past 2016. “He’s not going to leave!” This type of deranged thinking will reach a fever pitch in 2016.

The hyperbolic claims that President Obama is the worst president ever have already started. There is a precedent for this type of thinking. The same thing happened during the Bush administration. The Daily Plunge has been around long enough to see this cycle play out before and it’s all so predictable.

A plurality of Americans already believe President Obama is the worst president since World War II. As if it couldn’t get worse for the White House 45% of Americans believe that the country would have been better off if Romney would have been elected.

President Obama still enjoys high marks on personality. Americans think he’s incompetent, but it seems that we love our incompetent presidents. The biggest difference between 2006 and 2014 is the lack of press about Obama’s cratering poll numbers. A good illustration is a quick check of the Google Trends of “worst president” for Bush and Obama.

Google Trends   Web Search interest   bush worst president    obama worst president    United States  2004   present

Yeah, some Americans believe Obama is the worst president ever, but there’s less angst out there when compared to 2006 when Bush Derangement Syndrome was at its peak. Given the lack of attention Obama’s poll numbers are getting I wonder if liberals are aware of what’s coming.

These kinds of opinions are a bit delusional, but they are a good barometer of future electoral outcomes. If you ignore all the books written about demographics the past few years and just look objectively at history it’s not a difficult to predict the future. The GOP will make gains in 2014 and will likely win in 2016. Will it happen? It’s the more likely outcome, but things can change. These two political parties have been around for a long time. They typically don’t mess up, but there are exceptions.

It’s difficult to see things improving enough over the next two years to turn the perception of the Obama administration around. Also, the president doesn’t seem interested in changing course.

Obviously, President Obama isn’t the worst president ever, but he hasn’t been good either. The press has turned a blind eye to many of his executive abuses and I wonder if that damage is irreversible. The press will hold the next president to a higher standard, but how can they if they’ve given Obama a pass? Even if the press does a better job will anyone actually care? The two-party system has become such an exercise in cheerleading I’m not sure die hard voters even care.

One response to “The Worst President Ever?

  1. ‘Obviously, President Obama isn’t the worst president ever’

    Then who is? Because logically, some president has to be. Which president was worse than Obama?

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