Crony Capitalism is Killing the American Dream

Crony Capitalism Intellectual TakeoutHating corporations is one of things liberals love to do. The best example is Walmart, but it can be any company that doesn’t submit to liberal demands.

Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy learned you’re not even allowed to have an opinion without widespread outrage. If a company does something you don’t like it’s easy to do something about it: don’t purchase any of their goods or services. That seems reasonable, right? Sadly, for many Americans that isn’t enough. Using the power of the state, lawmakers have created a never-ending stream of regulations on food, labor, and even light bulbs.

With lawmakers’ growing affinity for nanny-state policies the real losers are small businesses. When the state mandates that all restaurant menus are required to show nutritional information, who is hurt the most? Applebee’s or the local restaurant that struggles to make a profit? This happens again and again. Lawmakers pass a law that all organic food has to be certified to be advertised as organic. This helps big companies and hurts small, local farms.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago Walmart isn’t opposed to an increase in the federal minimum wage. It’s a great policy for Walmart because it helps eliminate competition. There’s a lot of discussion in this country about the free market, socialism, and capitalism. It’s a great debate, but it’s obvious the United States isn’t a free market. It’s not a pure capitalistic nation, and while we’re on the path toward to socialism, we’re not quite there yet.

What we have now is a a crony capitalism system. You can see it everywhere from patents to our judicial system. The United States system protects the rich and the powerful. Can you believe it? I sound like a full-fledged liberal, but the problem with liberals is they advocate and support policies that protect and advance the crony capitalism system.

The bigger the state gets the more difficult it becomes to operate a business. Taxes are complicated. There are more and more regulations. Lawyer fees go up. These are real problems. When I was growing up my family owned their own business. They still do today and the price of doing business has gone up and the laws have become even more complicated.

When the President and Congress were jamming ObamaCare through Congress the legislation was supported by insurance companies. Liberals have been complaining about evil insurance companies for decades. Didn’t it seem a little strange that they were in favor of the law? Well, at the very least insurance companies were in love with the theory of the law. What exists today is a badly patched-together elementary science project.

Christianity in the United States has been declining for decades. The number of people who do not believe in God is at all-time highs. While faith in God may be decreasing it appears that many Americans have adopted an illogical faith in the state. While you can’t prove that God exists you can prove than many popular government policies hurt small businesses and help major corporations. This is not good for society in the long run, but it’s not clear whether people even care. After all, words and feelings are more important than actions and outcomes.

7 responses to “Crony Capitalism is Killing the American Dream

  1. Many people have replaced believing in a god with believing in “the state”, having the state has their god; and based on recent trends, I have a hard time seeing that turn around anytime soon.

  2. I find this post a bit humorous. You berate the ignorance of liberals for promoting govt regulations bc of the advantages it provides wealthy corporations. Yet, large corporations like Walmart and Sam’s Club are huge supporters of republican politicians such as Mitt and Bush.

    Then you showcase a video promoted by that criticizes federal govt involvement in the private sector, saying it only “adds fuel to the fire” of corporate cronyism. Yet, the chair and main advocate of that organization/philosophy is a Koch’s brother, one of the richest people in the world and co-founder of the 2nd largest private corporation in the US. To believe people like the Koch’s brothers would support a system that increases competition and lessens their ability to dominate the private sector is completely ignorant. Libertarians have been duped by the same corporate cronyism you detest!

    Liberals may be indirectly helping the corporate elite. But when the curtains are pulled, the most wealthy capitalists disproportionately align with your views. Please correct me if I am wrong….

    And Christianity denounces greed and materialism. Yet, our economy is “consumer driven”. Thoughts?

    • Walmart gives money to both sides. It makes no difference really if it’s more to the GOP than the Democrats (Walton’s grandson gave 300k to an Obama Pac in 2012). Microsoft and Google give more do Democrats. They’re run by people who are liberal. Who cares?

      Just because you don’t like the Koch brothers doesn’t mean that every place they donate money is evil. I have to admit the whole Koch brothers paranoia on the left is silly. Oh no! A rich person donating to conservative causes! The horror! It’s worth pointing out that 2/3rds of the super rich (those making over $10 million a year) supported Obama for President. Not that it really matters who they support. Both parties are doing a good job maintaining the status quo.

      I’m not sure what Christianity has to do with the United States economy.

      Nothing in your comment really addresses the problem with crony capitalism.

  3. Let’s say you have successfully proven that govt regulations protect the rich and powerful by linking corporate support with liberal legislation. Now you must prove that an unregulated market doesn’t protect the rich and powerful. More importantly, you probably should be able to show that a majority of the rich and powerful prefer regulations over a free market. I mean, it would only make sense that the rich and powerful prefer s system that offers the most protection right?

    Here is an example of what I am talking about;, Koch industries was hurt by govt regulations of global warming and dumped large amounts of money to repel them. They prefer a free market over govt regulations because it benefits them more. Now this example actually directly contradicts your argument, but you get the point.

    • Why are you creating a regulation vs. anarchy scenario. This is a common misconception by liberals. Pointing out that the minimum wage law is bad policy isn’t a call for anarchy.

      Didn’t I already say that 2/3rds of the super rich support the Democratic Party? Isn’t it the rich that donate money to a super liberal college education system? Seems you’re attempting to argue that the exception is the rule.

      Seems your point is that I should ignore the problems of crony capitalism because this source took money from the Koch brothers. Again, silly.

  4. Here is what we agree on: Liberals cause crony capitalism through regulations, less federal regulations decreases crony capitalism, our system protects the “rich and powerful”, the Koch’s brothers are not evil (I actually agree with many of their views), a free market won’t lead to anarchy, and we shouldn’t ignore crony capitalism just bc Koch’s fund

    This is where we disagree:
    * I believe liberals and conservatives should both admit they EQUALLY contribute to crony capitalism*
    Your post appears to solely blame liberals for crony capitalism. I would argue evidence suggests conservatives equally pander to the corporate elite and equally contribute to crony capitalism. If you disagree, you must offer some rationale for excusing conservatives from this discussion. If you agree with me then you should tone down the political rhetoric. We will never address crony capitalism if we don’t stop the childish blame game. Unless you can prove only one is to blame of course.

    *You have to address both capital and corporate cronyism together*
    Liberals blame corporate cronyism and libertarians blame crony capitalism. But both need to be addressed. I believe the best solution is minimal govt regulations (much less than current), increasing transparency in political funding/lobbying, and holding corporations to stronger societal values. I believe this is a logical and reasonable approach that addresses both political and corporate cronyism. Check out this article’s “ethical question” section:

    *Criticisms of the Koch brothers are logical and reasonable*
    I don’t believe the Koch brothers are evil, manipulative entrepreneurs who will destroy our society. However, they are extremely wealthy business men who run one of the largest US corporations and donate significant amounts of money to influence political policies and elections. This doesn’t mean they are cronies, but it absolutely justifies the questions or concerns raised by others. And rather than providing a logical counterargument, you simply label such concerns as “silly paranoia” or falsely accusing me of suggesting you should ignore crony capitalism. Huh? You offer no real argument here my friend. Listen, your post clearly is bent on chastising liberals. That is fine. But if you’re going to question liberals’ relations with the corporate “rich and powerful”, it only seems logical to also question libertarians relations with Koch. No exceptions to the rule for anyone!

    Liberals love to blame corporations and worship govt involvement. Conservatives love to blame the govt and idolize the corporate elite. In the end, your comments serve as another example of the mindless political battering between Fox News and MSNBC loyalists. I don’t have all the answers, but my views are much more grounded in logic and reason.

    • Conservatives and liberals are general terms. The GOP certainly is a caretaker of the growth of the state despite their rhetoric.

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