"Something Must Be Done!" – The Unofficial Liberal Motto


There’s no need to go into the ridiculous Romney video; however, it says a lot about our liberal friends that they think it’s important. If you’re a liberal who thinks it’s important you’re a liberal who isn’t very educated about the political beliefs of your opposition. That’s nothing new.

I find liberals to be some of the least well-versed at understanding opposing points of view. It’s like conservatives or libertarians are alien lifeforms. I constantly find myself explaining simple concepts, but it makes sense when you look at what drives liberalism.

Liberals live unofficially under the motto of: “Something should be done!” When they say that they actually mean someone else should do it.  It’s not that 47% of the population wants government assistance. It’s that a growing number of the population is becoming more immoral, less family oriented, more likely to go to jail, more likely to be addicted to drugs, and more likely to seek and abuse government assistance.

A year or so ago I watched a documentary called the The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (view the trailer). Over the last 50 years the White family has spiraled into a world of drug abuse, drug trafficking, embezzlement, lewd conduct, and, oh yeah… government assistance. There’s no fear, because the safety net is always there and they know how to abuse it. This type of behavior isn’t as rare as it used to be and I’ve seen it myself in distant relatives. This cancer is spreading all over the United States. If you asking a liberal what to do… “Let them eat government assistance!”

Something should be done about it! Well, someone else should do something about it. On average liberals give less money to charity, give less blood, and donate less of their time to volunteer. Oh no! Henshaw is generalizing. This is another common complaint I hear.

Are all liberals heartless Grinches? Nope. They’re just more likely to be… but they’ve been able to convince large swaths of society that Christians are hypocritical evil monsters and that there’s no problem that a little government assistance can’t solve. Over the last half century it’s worked well. We have an ever increasing self-absorbed society. Our taxes pays for services that keep people from starving to death. Our consciences are clear. What? There are still poor people? There’s still injustice? There’s still racism? Don’t ask me to do anything about it. It must because we’re not spending enough money.

These days there’s far too much “something should be done” and far too little “what actually works.” It’s easier to support action when someone else is doing the work. It’s more difficult to work on the solution.

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