Romney-Ryan and the War on Women

I’m sure you’ve heard about the War on Women currently being waged by conservatives, but have you ever heard about eugenics? Before we get into eugenics and the very nasty business of abortion, let’s discuss contraceptives…

Obama for America produced a campaign ad, and similar spin-offs of it, called Women’s Choices in which the women portrayed in it are outraged that Mitt Romney has a different opinion than Barack Obama. Let’s parse this ad, shall we?

The ad begins with Jenni’s story: “I’ve never felt this way before, but it’s a scary time to be a woman.” Really? And why is it so scary? Segue into the following terrifying headline…

Mitt Romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception: In a similar ad that’s being aired in Colorado, the wording is a bit stronger: Mitt Romney opposes forcing employers to provide coverage for contraception.

Sandra Fluke testifies before Congress about contraception

Sandra Fluke represents the sorry state of the republic in 2012 where its citizens are so helpless, clueless and morally unhinged they can’t afford a rubber or make a decent decision for themselves.

I had to view the ad a few times to let this one sink in and concluded that I’ve never felt this way before, but it’s a scary time to be a U.S. citizen. The ignorance in opposing Romney for opposing laws that force employers to provide coverage for contraception is almost beyond comprehension.

First, it is economically ignorant. While the left whines and moans about the rising cost of health care and insurance, they enact laws and regulations that do exactly that. Forcing employers to provide coverage for all variety of medical issues drives up the cost of insurance.

Free is not free, but in the leftist world of unicorns and rainbows, everything should be free. In the real world, the more “free” something is, the more expensive it becomes.

I’m sorry, but contraception should be way down the list of required medical coverage, though there shouldn’t be a list to begin with. I wonder if progressives have ever bothered to crack a book on economics, or really even thought about economic issues beyond their feeling that everything should be free. Oh well.

Moreover, the concept of forcing employers to do anything other than treat employees equally without regard to race, sex, ethnicity, etc., is un-American. It is diametrically opposed to America’s founding principles.

As a reminder, those principles are that you don’t have magical “rights” to other people’s money so you can pursue hedonism unfettered, nor should you be “forced” to give something to someone you don’t want to give them.

You do have the right to pursue happiness without government interference. So, if your pursuit of hedonism is costing you an arm and leg, either figuratively or literally, that’s not the responsibility of your fellow citizens. It is your responsibility.

Have you ever noticed that the most important “rights” of the left have to do either with the pursuit of vice or death? Give me abortion or give me death doesn’t have quite the right ring to it, does it?

Be that as it may, I’m still shocked – shocked! – that we’ve devolved to the point that free contraception is now one of the pillars of women’s rights. This has to be one of the most ridiculous “rights” ever floated by the left.

A similar commercial attacks Romney for being in favor of de-funding Planned Parenthood. Once again, why this is “extreme,” I’m not sure.

Let Planned Parenthood sink or float on its own. We don’t have a nationalized phone service, a service which strikes me as being a lot more important than abortion on-demand and free contraceptives. And if we did have a nationalized phone service, we’d still be using rotary dial phones.

If the left is that invested in Planned Parenthood, then freaking invest in it. Don’t make me and the American citizens who are pro-life invest in it. By the way, about half of Americans are pro-life, and most favor at least some restrictions on abortion.

Let me be clear: it sickens me that my tax dollars are being used to fund what is essentially an abortion mill. The Susan G. Komen organization recognized that Planned Parenthood is not really a women’s health organization and that Planned Parenthood is ghoulishly focused on abortion.

You know the rest of the story, which is a replay of the totalitarian means by which the left enforces its will (see also, Chick-fil-A), and by which it forced Susan G. Komen back into the fold. Make no mistake; the left is relentless in ensuring everyone marches in lockstep with their ideology.

This is one of many reasons I believe in limited government. The more control we cede to the federal government, the less free we become. Moreover, we become subject to the whims of some faceless bureaucrat who will dictate how we use the “rights” they’ve condescended to provide us.

Using health care as an example, someone else will decide whether or not this or that treatment is in your best interests. And, when the official stance of the federal government is that life is cheap, you can bet your life is one of the cheapest.

I have much to say about the rest of the Obama for America commercial, which mentions Roe v. Wade, but will save it for a later post. However, if you’re interested, be sure to read my previous posts, I’m a Misogynist and Babies and Fetuses.

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