The Paul Ryan Express Comes to Denver, Part 2

Paul Ryan campaign stop in Colorado

A packed and enthusiastic house greeted Paul Ryan at Lakewood High School west of Denver on Tuesday.

In the last installment that recapped Paul Ryan’s message to Colorado voters at Lakewood High School west of Denver, I focused on Ryan’s strength: his ability to explain the coming calamity of the federal government’s fiscal irresponsibility, nay, insanity.

Another important issue Ryan focused on during the relatively short speech was energy policy, or the current lack of one in Washington, D.C. Gas prices have doubled since Obama took office. This is a direct pocketbook issue that the Romney-Ryan team can and should hammer the Obama administration with during the campaign.

I’m not usually in favor of blaming a president for the vagaries of the market, but Obama has stated publicly that he wouldn’t mind seeing energy costs skyrocket. His logic, if one can call it such, is that higher energy prices will force the market toward alternative solutions.

The problem is that the so-called alternatives are not ready for prime time, and judging by their history, may never be ready for prime time. I’m actually an advocate of alternative energy, but I’m not in favor of forcing inefficient and costly ones on the American people, which is exactly what the Obama administration is attempting to do.

Ryan pointed to the Democrats’ love affair with cap and trade, regulation and lawmaking by fiat through such agencies as the EPA, as well as ridiculous drilling restrictions. Though Ryan didn’t specifically address the cronyism of such spectacular alternative-energy failures as Solyndra, he lays it out nicely in his Path to Prosperity under the heading Cronyism and Corporate Welfare:

By picking winners and losers in the market, the government-­as‐investor model distorts markets, subverts the rule of law, and fails to spur sustainable job creation. Instead of helping the economy, billions of taxpayers’ dollars are thrown away, successful companies are deprived of their competitive advantages, and workers lose their jobs.

Exactly, but Ryan’s evaluation is not new. He’s simply applying tried-and-true, sound and rational economic principles to government policy. This is in stark contrast to the Utopian dreams of the left, which are completely detached from reality and how the market actually works.

Do you really want European-level gas prices while we await the miracles of solar and wind power? If so, vote for Obama. However, if you prefer a reasonable approach to energy that will help bring energy prices down, vote for Romney-Ryan in November.

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