Infowars and Paranoia

The fallout from the theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., a suburban city just east of Denver, is well underway. It’s predictable. The usual suspects will call for gun control and a legion of idiots will say the whole thing is an elaborate government conspiracy to control the public. Look no further than Alex Jones and his site dedicated to creating news for people who seem to be incapable of critical thinking.

Here’s the Infowars take on the shooting:


What makes Jones so compelling is that he cites “examples” and people never bother to research what he says. For instance, he calls David Headley Coleman a CIA agent, which is not true. Jones asks the viewer to “look it up yourself.” Fortunately for him, no one actually does. Jones mentions the BBC and Chicago Tribune but the articles don’t actually say what he infers. The websites he shows are part of the conspiracy theory network. It amazes me that people are naive enough to take this guy seriously.

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