RE: Romney/Rubio?

If the chattering classes are to be believed it appears that Marco Rubio is off the table as a potential VP choice for Mitt Romney. Back in March I talked about the potential Romney/Rubio ticket, but I see the race a little differently today than I did a few months ago. I have been impressed so far by the Romney campaign. They’re staying on message and there’s no reason for a super exciting VP pick. The race is about Obama. Any day of the campaign that isn’t spent on President Obama, the economy, and his dismal legislative achievements is a day wasted.

So where does this leave us? Look for Romney to pick someone with executive experience and someone who could step into the Oval Office if they were called. In other words, this is going to be someone boring. When I think boring… I think Tim Pawlenty. When I think Tim Pawlenty it gives me an excuse to post this:

Awesome! Romney could pick Pawelenty, but I think he’ll go with Ohio Senator Rob Portman or Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. The electoral map looks good for Romney, but Ohio’s economy is actually doing better than rest of the nation. That’s likely to help Obama in that state so Romney may choose the popular Portman to help in Ohio. Jindal would be exciting to some conservatives, but is fairly boring as well.

If the nation decides to go in a different direction in November they will turn to competent leadership. Picking a running mate is the most important decision Romney will make before the election. I don’t expect him to take any chances.

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