Team Obama Channels Old Campaign Tactics

President Obama’s new campaign strategy is to warn people about Governor Romney’s record in Massachusetts. The real question is, does anyone really care? History would say no, but here’s the ad…

It’s a smart move by the Obama campaign to try to focus the election on Romney. They don’t have a choice. If this election becomes a referendum on Obama, it’s over. Team Obama’s strategy isn’t new. Past losing campaigns have tried this similar strategy.

Here is President George H.W. Bush’s 1992 television ad on Clinton’s Arkansas record:

The economy in 1992 was much better than it is today and Clinton’s record in Arkansas was much worse than Romney’s in Massachusetts. In other words… Obama has an uphill climb. Here’s an ad by Jimmy Carter in 1980 using real-life Californians to warn Americans about Ronald Reagan:

Anyone else see a pattern developing?

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