15 Trillion Dollars in Debt

It has been over 930 days since the Senate Democrats passed a budget. I imagine if Republicans were in charge this would be a larger story. It’s even more awe inspiring when you consider that the Democrats controlled the Congress and the White House for two years. What a bunch of clowns. Today the United States’ national debt passed $15,000,000,000,000 dollars. Congressman Paul Ryan has the depressing details:


The silence on the left when it comes to the debt is unbelievable. Their only plan is more taxes and less defense, even though that won’t solve the problem. The real problem is the American people. Americans love their subsidies, pensions, entitlements, and tax breaks. We’re a nation drunk on selfishness and guilt. We’re too selfish to take responsibility. This creates guilt that we outsource to the federal government. “Let someone else do it” is the rallying cry. This cancer exists on both sides and I’m not sure the nation can escape the future.

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