Rick Perry is Officially in the Race

In a move that is a surprise to almost no one, Texas governor Rick Perry has officially announced his candidacy for president. The race really heats up now. Mitt Romney is the GOP establishment guy to a certain degree. Romney will hope Bachmann and Paul siphon votes away from Perry. Many liberals seem to be in denial about the rise of Perry. Just check out this Guardian piece:

Can he win? He is probably too conservative, even for American tastes, but he’s popular in Texas, having won re-election in 2002, 2006 and 2010. He also has an impressive record in job creation, and Texas is bucking the national trend of economic gloom.

Will Obama be worried? Not really. But several other radical rightwing Christian Republican hopefuls – Michele Bachmann included – will be.

Do say: “Let us all kneel and pray that Rick Perry never becomes president.”

Simply confessing Christian values makes one a “radical rightwing Christian Republican.” I know it’s abhorrent to many liberals, but most Americans don’t believe in global warming. Perry is actually in the American mainstream on that position.

What will happen? I’m not sure. Romney is a formidable opponent and the GOP always seems to nominate the guy who has paid his dues. But maybe this isn’t a ordinary election. Rick Perry’s biggest obstacle to being the next president is Romney. The air is going out of the President Obama experiment. Obama wasn’t qualified for the office. Worse, he’s too liberal to govern a center-right nation. The bigger questions is this… who would want to be president right now?

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