Obama Presidency: Biggest Let down Ever?

History tells us that the President almost always wins a standoff with Congress. The President has the bully pulpit. President Obama has wielded this power with three press conferences in three weeks. Obama is also aided by a press that is unwilling to point out his hypocrisy and the fact that he has no plan. Obama is the king of nebulous rhetoric. Pay no attention to what he says because the true measure of the man are his actions.

Back in December President Obama refused to raise taxes and in the past he’s on record as saying, “You don’t raise taxes in a recession.” Obama’s obsession with raising taxes would be bewildering if you believed he had the nation’s best interests in mind. Obama fanatics love to cite the President’s “intelligence,” but his current position is sickest form of cynical politics.  The President’s position is political. He has chosen his political future over the nation’s economy. New Jersey Governor Chris Cristie’s characterization of the “old playbook” is the embodiment of Obama.

The 2008 Obama campaign slogan was hope and change, but the President’s true mantra is to lie, deceive, obfuscate, make it to the next election. President Obama’s position is to appease the left. They have become disillusioned with some of Obama’s policies, but nothing fires up the base up more than tax increases. Obama also hopes to splinter the GOP and blame Bush for the economy. If he’s able to get tax increases he hopes it would crush the GOP. He is far from a brilliant tactician because this move would seal his fate as a horrible one term president.

Obama will not be running against the House GOP in 2012. He’ll most likely be running against a Washington “outsider” who will point out that Obama raised taxes during the worst recession in a generation. The President can blame Bush until he’s blue in the face but raising taxes now is dumb. Obama will be the President who faced an entitlement crisis and shrugged. The President decided it was more important to increase entitlements,  spending, and taxes.

The only thing that can rescue Obama’s presidency is luck. How much more can he have left? So many people on the left cited Obama as the arrival of a new kind of politician. I know most liberals have their blinders on and can’t admit to themselves what is happening. He’s the worst kind of politician. All of his promises were lies. Liberals, you’ve been had. For the first time in Obama’s life he’ll have to run on his record. President Obama’s record is debt, taxes, war, new entitlements, and a bad economy.

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