RE: Rick Perry Believes in God and it Angers Christianphobes

Earlier today I wrote about the ludicrous lawsuit being filed against Rick Perry by concerned atheists (aka Christianphobes). Larry Sabato at The Crystal Ball makes a good point on Twitter. This is something I totally overlooked:

There does seem to be something lucky about Rick Perry. There’s even a New York Times article today that focuses on Rick Perry’s days as a Democrat in Texas back in the 1980s. Perry’s defense for being a Democrat is that he came to his senses. No matter, the real meat of the story is this bit:

Mr. Perry’s timing, now legendary, could not have been better. He was one of only two Republicans elected to nonjudicial statewide office in 1990. Eight years later, Republicans swept every one of them.

“Perry has been a risk taker,” said Mr. Hance, the party switcher who became the chancellor of Texas Tech University. “And if you look at Perry’s timing in every race, he’s been the golden guy.”

It looks like lady luck is on his side yet again. The GOP field is in disarray. The frontrunner is Mitt Romney, a deeply flawed candidate that no one is enthusiastic about. Michele Bachmann is all the rage right now, but she’s no more qualified to be president than Obama (and look where that got us). Perceptually (that’s all that matters in politics), Perry is positioned as the Washington outsider from a big state who also has plenty of executive experience. Plus, Texas is one of the few states that’s creating jobs.

Yes, Perry’s record is far from perfect, but no candidate is perfect. There’s no other GOP candidate who can unite the GOP, Tea Party, and beat Obama. However, a lot can change before now and November 2012.

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