President Rick Perry?

There are rumors in the wind that Texas Governor Rick Perry might run for president. Perry would be a high profile candidate and I’m actually a little surprised he hasn’t announced already. Texas is one of the few states that created jobs recently. Perry’s executive record is far superior to Obama’s and the philosophies couldn’t be any different.

I assume he’d be a good candidate just because the left already hates the guy. Just look at the picture the Washington Post used in an article discussing his possible bid for the White House.

I laughed out loud when I saw this for the first time. I can just hear the editors of the Washington Post screaming at interns to find the “evil Hitler” picture of Governor Perry. I can’t even imagine the Washington Post running a similar picture of President Obama. We’ve had four years of award winning photography of Obama. If Governor Perry wants to run for president he’d better be prepared for much worse.

One response to “President Rick Perry?

  1. Dude, you’re genetically wired to think this way. Your political perspective can only be evaluated through this lens through no fault of your own, but keep this in mind when you go spouting. There are practically more Jesus and country radio stations in Tampa/Clearwater/Sarasota than libraries. Wonder who would gravitate toward this part of the country??

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