Real Problems: The Republican Budget

Thinking about the budget makes Moby's head hurt. Listening to Moby sing makes my head hurt.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to take anyone on the left seriously. During the build up to the war in Iraq the left’s position against the conflict could be justified. It was a somewhat perfectly logical argument. What is the left’s logical argument about reducing the national debt? They don’t have one and they look like idiots.

The new rallying cry on the left is to oppose the Republican budget. I should say the “idea of a Republican budget” since no one on the left seems to know the details. Speaking of the uninformed, Moby has a new album coming out. What better way to promote it than to hold a hunger strike to protest the Republican budget. Here’s a video that features Moby’s new song and a slide show of people who never took economics classes. By the way, comments are disabled. No need for a free exchange of ideas during a hunger strike.

httpvh:// helped create this idiotic masterpiece. Moby is outraged because the budget gives tax breaks to corporations and millionaires, and it hurts people. Is anything better than a shallow, illogical talking point cited by a barely famous musician? Yes, when a shallow, illogical talking point is promoted by an idiotic marketing stunt that’s backed by an organization funded by a European born billionaire. Hooray for the little guy! What is it that these bleeding hearts really want?

I’m starting to believe the left wants universal poverty. That’s where we’re headed. If the country goes bankrupt and our economy collapses we will all struggle to make ends meet. That’s the reality. Raising taxes isn’t going to solve the problem. Cutting defense isn’t going to solve the problem. It’s puzzling to me that the left is so willing to believe the world is in peril due to Global Warming, but a real man-made budget crisis could leave us all poor and destitute.

No Blood for Oil

Blood for oil is apparently a justifiable excuse for bombing Libya. Hail to the chief, baby!

Also, why aren’t these same people who protested the Iraqi conflict up in arms about what we’re doing in Libya? Shouldn’t these pacifists be in the streets protesting because we’re bombing Libya for apparently no reason, with no UN authorization, for the behest of European oil interests? They’re hypocrites. Here’s a journal entry on Moby’s website from 2003.

ok, let’s talk about the war in iraq, and one of the more salient issues. the issue that i’d like to talk about is not whether saddam hussein was a bad man (he was/is). the issue is not whether iraq was a dictatorship (it was/is). the issue is why we went to war. we went to war because the bush administration said that saddam hussein had weapons of mass destruction and because the bush administration said that iraq was supporting al qaeda and because the bush administration said that iraq was developing nuclear weapons. and, just to be clear, we now know that iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, was not supporting al qaeda, and was not developing nuclear weapons. and, just to be clear, we now know that the bush administration knew these things all along and lied to the american people and to congress about the reasons for waging war against iraq. i know i sound redundant, but i’m trying to make a point… [emphasis added]

Moby is still trying to make a point. His borderline incomprehensible journal quote is a textbook example of tribal knowledge, a.k.a.,  the phenomenon of the Rationale of the Irrational Rationalist. These emo lefties don’t really believe in anything except to oppose those Christ loving evil Republicans. Moby’s journal has 340 entries that mention Iraq and zero mentioning Libya. There are plenty of entries on Christians. Here’s a great quote:

i’m going out on a theological limb here, but i do think that christ would be 1-anti war 2-anti death penalty 3-anti capitalist 4-pro environmentalism 5-pro programs that help the poor so, not to make a pun, but what the hell? how is it that millions of americans call themselves christians but don’t seem to incorporate any of christ’s teachings into their lives? what do they teach in their churches?

See? It’s not war that is the problem, it’s those hypocritical Christians. Don’t they know that Jesus Christ was a disciple of Karl Marx? Most people don’t know, but right before Jesus spent forty days in the wilderness he posted a YouTube video promoting his wilderness tour. Jesus was concerned that a right-wing Jewish uprising would affect many great Roman funded social programs, like bath houses and vomitoriums. Plus, Jesus had a huge book coming out that he had to promote. Jesus knows a thing or two about publicity.

Seriously though, hating on Christians isn’t anything new. However, we should always remember who the most charitable members of our society are and they’re not on the left. Conservatives donate more time and money to charity than liberals. Conservative families also make less money on average than liberals; however, liberals will continue to “feel more” and “think less” about their arguments. Moby, Christians aren’t the hypocrites you should be worried about. “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

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