Real Problems: High School Basketball Blowout

In Utah, the list of real problems must be small because some citizens are worried about the score in a girls’ high school basketball game. Apparently, when Christian Heritage High defeated West Ridge Academy 108-3 last week some people felt that it wasn’t right. Other than the lopsided scoreline this shouldn’t be newsworthy. However, some are concerned.

“I don’t know why the score was that high, or what the point was,” Jamie Keefer, West Ridge’s athletic director and a coach for the girls’ team, told the Salt Lake Tribune. “I don’t think it would’ve happened that way if it were the other way around.”

There’s two ways to play this game: pull a Dean Smith and play Four Corners or play the game. Either strategy is open to criticism. I’d rather be blown out by 200 points than play a team that’s “trying to be nice.” There are certainly bigger problems at these high schools than two girls’ basketball teams than no one will remember in five weeks.

The girls at West Ridge Academy should just be happy that they’re getting some attention. Apparently they’re not very good at basketball so isn’t the point to just go out there and have fun? Who cares if you lose by 100 points. They’re not the first team to get blown out playing a sport.

This game doesn’t even rise to the Georgia Tech vs. Cumberland College blowout level. In 1916, John Heisman (yes, that Heisman) coached Georgia Tech and ran up the score against a school which didn’t officially field a team that season. The final score: 222-0. The game is only notable because it’s the biggest blowout in college football history.

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