The Spirit of Kwanzaa

This morning I was tearing off days on my favorite calendar. I love Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine, but even his calendar isn’t immune from political correctness. The calendar includes the Kwanzaa observance. This fake holiday was created by the New Left and it’s not observed by anyone with a lick of sense. Kwanzaa is what happens when progressives’ white guilt reaches a fever pitch after Christmas.

For those who are unaware I will touch on the spirit of Kwanzaa. Maulana Karenga is the father of Kwanzaa. He’s a former member of the Black Panthers and also a convicted felon. What did he do, you ask?

According to a Los Angeles Times account of testimony published at the time of the trial, Karenga and the other men forced the women to remove their clothes, and beat them with an electrical cord and a karate baton. The men put a hot soldering iron in one woman’s mouth and against her face, and they squeezed one woman’s big toe in a vise, the Times reported. Karenga’s former wife, Brenda Lorraine Karenga, testified he sat on one woman’s stomach while another man forced water into her mouth through a hose, according to the Times.

“Vietnamese torture is nothing compared to what I know,” Karenga allegedly told the women, the Times reported Oct. 7, 1970, shortly after Karenga’s arrest.

Mel Gibson is unable to star in the sequel to The Hangover because of his threats of violence and racist comments. Maulana Karenga, on the other hand, was a proud member of a racist organization and tortured women. Why anyone would even think of observing his ridiculous holiday is beyond me. Perhaps Mel Gibson can star in The Kwanzaa Story as Maulana Karenga. The man is a monster, but somehow the touchy-feely ideas represented by Kwanzaa live on despite the fact that it’s pointless and offensive to anyone with a brain.

5 responses to “The Spirit of Kwanzaa

  1. You couldn’t be any farther from the truth in regards to what Kwanza is about as it relates to black people being reconnected to their land of ancestry to give them a since of focus and a foundation upon which to stand after the insanity of slavery, jim crow laws and discrimination. What is so “senseless” about following and honoring an African value system based upon collective responsibility, self-determination, unity, purpose, cooperative economics, faith & creativity.

  2. I hate to rain on your fantasy, but you can’t separate the fake holiday from the real mesogenous torturer. The man who made it up was a racist and he created it out of racism. End of story. Kwanzaa is not representative of the “black experience.” Kwanzaa is derived from the theories of Karl Marx, the whitest white man ever. With the mishmash of faux African mumbo jumbo thrown in for good measure.

  3. I you’re not raining on my fantasy, but what is Christmas based upon? Paganism, so is Easter. Kwanzaa was not derived from Karl Marx but from West African principles of Ki-Swahili. It’s apparent that you’re racist, what is faux African mumbo jumbo as it relates to a people who were brutalized and oppressed for 400 years searching for collective consciousness, unity and a sense of belonging?

  4. The lengths people go to defend the absurd never fails to amaze me. Is one of the principles of West Africa placing a hot soldering iron in the mouths of people? How can you be upset about brutality when you give this monster a pass? You’re a most ridiculous hypocrite.

  5. Hi Mr. Henshaw,
    It seems like your upset? Not the intent just intelligent dialogue with no “name calling” No ones a hypocrite, their have been plenty of “monsters” that still had other great attributes such as leadership abilities and or ideologies. For instance, Genghis Khan, Hitler and Shaka Zulu were insane brutal murderers but excellent strategists and leaders. I mean I’m just saying. Have an awesome day!

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