Why Does the West Tolerate Evil?

I am not a Zionist. I really don’t care about the nation of Israel. However, I believe that as a sovereign state it should have a right to protect its interests, but I’m not one of those Christians who believes they’re living on Holy Ground. The city of Jerusalem is no more important than Phenix City, Alabama.

Despite my level of disinterest in the state of Israel I’m appalled at the world’s treatment of the small nation. For example, ever notice that Israel isn’t in the World Cup? Israel’s neighbors are committed to Jewish annihilation so they refuse to play against the national team. Instead of FIFA penalizing those nations, Israel is forced to qualify in Europe. In other words, it’s never going to happen. Meanwhile, nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia (who aren’t good at soccer) have a much easier path to qualification. No one in the world seems to care.

The world seems content to live and tolerate anti-Israeli extremism. For anyone who thinks the Holocaust is a terrible evil that can’t happen again look at the cavalier attitude of the West toward antisemitism. It seems like someone on the left is always making antisemitic statements. Gore Vidal has a checkered past and Helen Thomas’ recent outburst is another great example. That’s not to say that antisemitism exists purely on the Left. That’s certainly not the case, but the Left doesn’t recognize that they’re ignoring extremists.

Muslim extremists are planting bombs, stabbing people, and making threats all over the world. Yet, the world seems more concerned about the well being of a boat full of thugs trying to break a blockade and choosing Orwellian labels for them, like “humanitarians” and “peace activists.”  What’s wrong with this picture?

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