Real Genius – More Men are Geniuses?

Here’s a topic our politically correct culture is unable to discuss. Why are there more men than women in the top echelons of science and math? Feminists blame gender discrimination, but others like Obama’s chief economic adviser Larry Summers and professor Richard Lynn have a different idea. Richard Lynn is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster. He believes that, on average, men’s brains are better at math and science than women. As you can imagine this is a controversial idea, but should it be?

As a psychologist who has dedicated his career to the study of intelligence – and, in particular, to how it differs between the sexes – I can tell you that in my academic circles these IQ figures are barely disputed.

Ever since the Frenchman Alfred Binet devised the first intelligence test in 1905, study after study has confirmed the same result. When it comes to IQ, men and women – at least once they’ve gained adulthood – simply are not equal.

Professor Lynn goes on to theorize as to why the differences exist, but the simple fact is that men and women are different. This should shock no one, unless you’re dedicated to believing a ridiculous, illogical ideology that tells you otherwise. It doesn’t mean woman are inferior. Most people are of average intelligence. How many super geniuses are there? Not many. There’s no doubt that woman are better at certain tasks as well. It should also be noted that men are more likely to be super idiots as well. This kind of frank dialogue should be encouraged in our society, but gauging from the comments in the article I don’t think that will happen. Ah, the logic and rational reasoning found amongst the super-ignorant left is a feast for the senses!

Two disgusting things about this article: the badly substantiated content and the fact that the DM allowed it to be published. As another commentator so rightly said: you can write any old drivel you like about women and get away with it. This article conveniently ‘forgets’ centuries of cultural, social, economic and physical oppression of women. We don’t start from the same start line because of all that and because we STILL live in a sexist world. Can’t believe this man is now a senior advisor to Obama. How depresssing.

– colette, Preston UK

Judging by the fact that Colette is confusing Larry Summers with Professor Lynn, it’s obvious she didn’t read the article. But her response is typical. It’s one of paranoia and an approval of censorship. As Professor Lynn points out this aversion to logic is what confronted Galileo’s theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun. Larry Summers was forced to leave Harvard for pointing out the facts of a study. Political correctness is suffocating debate. It exists on both sides of the political spectrum, but it’s an epidemic on the left.

4 responses to “Real Genius – More Men are Geniuses?

  1. I am a woman. I have two degrees from very good universities. I am multi-lingual(I can switch between at least two languages perfectly at the highest level, with good understanding on many others). And I am a lawyer. So, in a nutshell, I am not stupid. And yet, I am not enraged by Professor Lynn’s claim that men in general, are smarter than women, because I know this to be true. Of course, there are always exceptions.

    I have two boys and a girl. They are all very smart, just in different ways. Girls are more verbally articulate. They are incredibly successful at verbalising their ideas, concepts and at general communication. By comparison, my boys are like dumb and dumber who can’t put two sentences together coherently, especially in front of other people. They are also awkward socially whereas my girl is a natural born socialite. And yet, these same boys have been winning all types of maths and science competitions since the age of 7. Their verbally better equipped sister knows and accept this. She doesn’t get upset or challenge this because, she also knows that she is better than they in other areas(emotional stuff, remember?)

    Some women, especially die hard feminists get upset with the aforementioned notion because they start from the wrong premises that we(women) have to be like men in every aspect, when in fact, we simply can’t. That’s why we are women and they are men. We are different and are good at different things. Funny enough, the very same feminists I mentioned above, do not seem to mind that much when they discover that men are more likely to be able to lift heavy objects and the like then women in general. It’s because they accept that men’s physics are different from women’s. So why not accept the fact that men’s brains are also different from women’s ?

  2. The problem is not in saying that there are biological differences between the sexes, it is giving the impression to young females that they CANNOT be a genius by talking to or treating them differently to the boys. The above commenter said she has witnessed it to be true that men are smarter than women – also stating “Of course, there are always exceptions”. So men are smarter than women, except sometimes? Geniuses are exceptions anyway; they are those who excel. It’s uncommon, otherwise they wouldn’t be geniuses, they’d be average.

    There is also differences in what male and female students might choose do with their careers; in Chemistry, many men will go on to do postdoctoral research whereas women tend to be less interested in that kind of competitive and pressure-filled environment. This doesn’t mean they have less potential, only that they don’t wish to pursue that path.

  3. In high IQ societies, the ratio of men to women is a little over 1:1, which makes it quite equal.

    However, most of the women fall within 130-140 and beyond that the amount of men completely outnumber the number of women in the very high intelligence ranges. Around 145 and above there is 8 men for every women. At 160 it increases to around 30-40 men for every women.

    In general, it appears, men have a higher probability to be a genius of IQ 140 and above.

  4. It’s sad but true, women will never be equals of men in so far as they strive to beat men at that which is inherent to their nature. Men are beings of logic, science and math and women are subservient to emotions, transient understands of the present and ruled by their biology.

    The IQ exam testing logic and reasoning is by design geared at showing the strengths of men. To ask a woman to spar in the realm of logic is to ask a man to understand the transient feelings of a woman at all times of day. Even the best of women fail as the best of men would fail in the latter task.

    In sum, as long as logic, science and math are at the center of our society, men will dominate. Unfortunately, this age technological growth and progressive strive is all but over. Since the 1960’s, unfortunately a boil has formed on the rugged but glorious path of history which attempts to turn humans away from the logic and deep into a puss of transient and fluid emotions. Where paradigm shift is not the result of discovering facts about the natural world or the universe but caused by a whims of dysfunctional highly sensitized emotional masses.

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