the doomsday clock: smart people who are stupid

Is the world any safer than it was a year ago? I don’t think anyone is trying to make that argument; however, a group of smart people have moved the infamous Doomsday Clock back one minute because… wait for it… wordwide cooperation to reduce nuclear arsenals and pledges to limit climate-changing gas emissions!
Why are smart people so stupid? Everyone agrees the recent climate change talks accomplished nothing, and I don’t think Iran and North Korea are reducing their nuclear arsenals anytime soon. If anything the world is less safe every time North Korea launches a missile over Japan. What’s the real reason for the clock being moved back? It’s obvious. President Bush is no longer in office and these idiots are more afraid of the United States than the Holocaust-denying Iranians who want to exterminate Israel.

Trevor Findlay, the director of the Canadian Centre for Treaty Compliance said he agrees that the clock should be moved back, because the most important change in international affairs is the shift in U.S. policy.
“There are a whole range of issues that don’t look good, like North Korea and Iran,” he said from his office at Carleton University in Ottawa. “But I can’t stress enough the importance of the election of the Obama administration.”
Findlay said Obama’s move away from the controversial Bush policies is reason enough to make a change to the clock, which he described as a “fantastic public display.”

What is the shift in U.S. policy again? I can’t seem to remember what it is and no one else seems to know either. Again, why are seemingly intelligent people so stupid? It really is puzzling how dumb people are who are supposedly intelligent. They might as well rename this group of morons the Neville Chamberlain Appreciation Society.
I think this clock works in inverse fashion. People are always droning on about things we should be worried about. The moment someone starts telling the masses “not to be concerned” there’s trouble in River City. The aforementioned Neville Chamberlain told Britain they had found “peace in their time.” The future was anything but peaceful. FDR told Americans we only had fear fear itself. Well, that and the next 10 years of Depression that followed.

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