more from president me

President Obama while in Japan boasts that “As America’s first Pacific president I promise you that this Pacific nation will strengthen and sustain our leadership in this vitally important part of the world.” First Pacific president? No, not really

It is true that the president was born in Hawaii (sorry, birthers), lived from ages six to ten in Indonesia, and attended a Honolulu prep school. But he is not our first Pacific president. Richard Nixon was born in California in 1913, and spent much more of his life in the Pacific region than the current president has. Moreover, while Barack Obama made his career in Chicago and Springfield, Ronald Reagan made his in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Other presidents have also spent significant time in the Pacific. Herbert Hoover even spoke Mandarin. I’m starting to wonder if this administration is going to unravel. I’m not sure this guy is cut out to be an executive.

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