just another friday night in sarasota

A couple of nights ago I was trying to go asleep but the sound of a helicopter kept me awake. There’s nothing like a spotlight shining down on your residence to make sure the doors are locked. The next day I found out the rest of the story. This all took place just right down the street from where I live.

According to police and eyewitness reports:
Michael J. Mitchell, 18, a student at the Sarasota Military Academy, was with a group of friends when Dan A. Azeff, also 18 and a student at Sarasota High School and Sarasota County Technical Institute, walked by with another group. Azeff wore a hat with the Confederate symbol and carried a Confederate flag measuring about 5 feet by 3 feet.
Mitchell and a friend questioned Azeff about the hat and flag, asking if he was a racist. Azeff told them no, he was just exercising free speech. The fight escalated and the groups exchanged racial slurs. Mitchell reportedly pulled out a handgun and shot Azeff once in the chest, then ran off.

Right off the set of Jerry Springer and onto the street of Sarasota. A white kid from Pennsylvania sporting a Confederate Flag gets shot by a black kid illegally carrying a handgun. The only thing missing was Geraldo Rivera. The article is kind of funny as the journalist spent more time trying to figure out why the kid is carrying a flag around than asking why an 18 year old is shooting people. Obviously it’s pretty stupid to be carrying around a Confederate battle flag that many people find offensive. It’s even worse when the person is ignorant about the history; however, should Cuban American’s be allowed to shoot every idiot wearing a Che Guevara shirt? This is a story about attempted murder not ignorant teenagers.

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